Join Us

If you have completed a recognised training course or are an experienced archer looking to shoot in the West London area, we charge a £3.50 butt fee (£5 if renting a bow) for a trial session. During which you can decide whether or not to join the club.

After you have paid membership and affiliation fees we arrange insurance cover through Archery GB. Fees are based on a pro-rata rate depending in which quarter you join.

We also welcome visiting archers looking for an indoor venue to practice in the evening. If you are already affiliated to Archery GB through your club, you can either pay butt fees or become an associate member.

Please contact us before coming as membership levels fluctuate and we may not be able to acommodate visiting archers all the time.

If you are interested in joining fill in your details below or come down to the centre for more details. If you're interested in a beginners course then check out our beginners page.

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