Beginners Courses FAQ

1. Should I bring anything with me to the course?

The only things you should bring with you is a willingness to learn and a bottle of water so you can keep yourself hydrated. All the archery equipment will be supplied by us.

2. Is there anything I should wear?

Please wear something comfortable that isn't too baggy or could get caught in the bow or string. Also make sure you don't have any dangly earrings or long necklaces/chains. The same goes for bracelets. Do not wear any open toed shoes/sandals.

3. I have piercings. Is that ok?

Yes as long as they do not interfere with the bow or string in any way. Stud earrings would be fine but if any piercings could get in the way of the string or bow we will ask you to either take them out or cover them with a plaster. We just don't want anything getting caught in the string.

4. I have long hair. Is that ok?

Yes, that is fine but please ensure that it is tied back and cannot interfere with any part of the bow or string.

5. I've got the day off work and nothing to do until the lesson so can I spend the afternoon in the pub or at home/garden drinking?

It goes without saying that alcohol impairs physical ability and it would not help with taking up the sport of archery so please refrain from drinking alcohol before lessons.

6. I can't make one of the lessons. Can I make up the time later?

Unfortunately no. If you miss more than one lesson you can still attend any sessions that are left but you will not be given a certificate to say you have completed the course at the end. You must attend all sessions to qualify for a certificate to say you have completed the course.