• Gold Archery (training partner)
    Whether you are an absolute beginner, returning to the sport or an experienced archer, we can help you improve your technique, physical conditioning and mental approach, enabling you to raise your archery to the next level.
  • Archery Reference (ref.)
    Some useful information on your first steps in target recurve archery. Might be worth coming back to this one once you've completed your beginners course.
  • Archery TV (ref.)
    The World Archery YouTube channel. A great place to see the World's best archers competing at the various events around the Globe.
  • NUSensei (ref.)
    A useful YouTube channel for your first steps into archery. He mostly focuses on target recurve but there's a lot of good general information about archery.
  • Sheldon Gannon (ref.)
    Sheldon owns an archery store in Australia and this channel hasn't been updated in a while but still some useful videos on the various target recurve bows you can buy. Worth checking out once you're ready to get your own setup.
  • Tournament types

If you're looking to get your first setup it's always a good idea to get in touch with the store you're looking at to book an appointment. This will allow them to block out some time for you to try out the different bows so you can be sure that what you buy is exactly what you want.



Beginners courses are held frequently throughout the year.

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Looking for an archery club in West London? Come and join us.

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